Cherry and I hiked on Friday for the first time in months. We got rained out of a previous date and then Cherry’s sister had eye surgery, so she wasn’t available. But Friday, sunny with a cool start, was a perfect day for an excursion. We decided to drop frustrating Cockaponsett, at least for a while, and explore Field Forest, owned by Connecticut Forest & Park Association, in Durham.

Wearing newly-delegated-to-hiking pants, Cherry explained her hairdresser had found a tick a few weeks prior, so she was wearing lighter pants. (Interestingly, I discovered a tick the following day on my left calf at my sock line.) Off we went, with much to discuss.

We followed the main trail that generally encircled the 150-acre tract. Most was fairly flat, with a gentle slope to start. After an update on Cherry’s sister’s surgery, we moved on to cover relationships. I was at a dead standstill, while Cherry was at least conversing with an interesting potential.

We had to circumnavigate numerous blowdowns, possibly from the October snow. We were delighted to see wild geranium still in flower, as most other spring flowers had come early this year. Filled with fully-leafed trees, the walk was lovely. We scared up a red-tail hawk that streamed past us through the forest. I brought Cherry up to date on my activities since our last hike. I had held two signing events for my novel and was trying to publish a second book. My ecotherapy work was gaining momentum and I had just signed up to take a NatureConnect class with Mike Cohen.

The final leg led past a vernal pool, an area I had visited a few weeks prior with Women of the Woods. At that time, the pool was teaming with tadpoles but, today, its edges were lined with green frogs, each giving a little shriek, as it plunked back into the safety of the water.

When we returned to our cars, we agreed to try Cockaponsett again for June. Wish us luck!